Monday, December 19, 2011


/Grammar Nazi On

Because of the political correctness of today's society, people seem to think that it is improper or, in some way, offensive to use the proper gender specific pronoun to refer to people, instead using the gender neutral "they". This is wrong, and it should stop. "They" is a pronoun that refers to more than one noun. If you are talking about a group of people, you call them "they". If you are talking about a single person place or thing, you use "He" "She" or "It". When the gender of a person, place or thing is not known, it is proper English to use the pronoun "he". For example, if you are speaking of the writer of a newspaper artical, and have no idea if the writer is male or female, you do not call the writer "they". You call him "he" whether he is a he or not, until you know for sure one way or another. It is NEVER proper English to use the pronoun "They" when speaking of a single person place or thing. Why would you not call a "woman" she or a man "he"? It's what they are, calling them what they are is not offensive, and if anyone says that it is, he needs to stop being an idiot. That makes no sense. Why would you call him or her "they" instead? That's just stupid and it makes you sound like a retard.

/Grammar Nazi Off

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