Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Am Nobody - Prologue Rewrite

Man, oh man, December suuuuuuucks for my job. I've hardly had any time to sit down and write since Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I keep trying to sit down and write more on I Am Nobody, because it's a story that I'm really starting to like, and I've lately been outlining it a little more heavily, filling in a few blanks I had in the storyline. I keep having some pretty horrible writer's block with it, and have been kind of just puttering around, not really adding much to it. I've come to realize that the reason for this is that I'm just not very good at writing in the first person perspective, in fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm downright awful at it. It's harder for me to do, and that's why I've been so reluctant to sit down and right more. Plus, i was having a hard time trying to work the elements of the story I wanted to tell into the perspective of a single person. As I've said before, I'm not a big fan of the first person perspective because it gives a very narrow view of the world. I also felt that in doing this book in first person I was sort of ripping off Dan Wells, and that is something I really don't want to do, because, really, he can do it much better than I can. Believe me. Read his books. They're GREAT.

Sooo, I've decided to start over with this one, and redo everything in third person, because I'll more easily be able to incorporate all of the elements of the story that I want to, and I'm much better at writing in third person anyway. Luckily I only had 20 pages written so far, so there isn't much to backtrack.

I've finished the new prologue, and it can be found at the bottom of this page. This, in my opinion, is a MUCH better beginning to this book, as it introduces both the protagonist, and the antagonist from the eyes of a third party, and Mia's duties as a Grim Reaper are better laid out up front. I kept the first paragraph of the original prologue as a bit of an epigraph at the beginning of the new one because "They say girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice, but not me, I’m made of death and despair and things to beware." is just such a cool first line to a book that I had to find some way to incorporate it. I think I'm going to have an excerpt from Mia's diary at the beginning of every chapter like that.

Enjoy =)

Oh, yeah, I also recieved a digital camcorder as an early christmas gift, so once my job stops being so awful I thought I might start doing video reviews of books rather than written reviews.

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