Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Omen Machine

For those of you who are fans of Terry Goodkind, you may want to steer clear of his new book, The Omen Machine. He makes it blatantly and painfully obvious that he couldn't care any less about his fans with it, only the money in their pockets. The book is badly written, poorly paced, relies heavily on deus ex machina solutions to problems rather than letting the characters work out their own innovative solutions, and every single chapter, every single page, and every single word in this book is extraordinarily contrived. The entire story just feels fake and forced. Things happen and people do things not for any particular reason excapt because the plot says so, and they find answers to their uestions seemingly out of thin air. It's full of false tension, (that's when the writer tells you there's tension rather than actually making you feel that there's tension), unbelievable events and character reactions to them, and it just plain sucked. After the abortion he dared to publish as a "sequel to The Sword of Truth" called The Law of Nines, I'm starting to think I'm just going to stop buying his books now that I've read this one.

Once I get a ew book review site put up I'll write a more detailed review of it, and possibly The Law of Nines as well. These are two books that deserve to be torn apart by my cynacism.

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