Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exile Prologue and Chapter 1 Draft 4

Started working on Draft 4 of Exile and have posted the prolog and first chapter ar the bottom of this page.

I have split the story into several parts:

Part One: Exile's Moon
Part Two: Hidden Valley
Part Three: Exiled
Part Four: Transfiguration
Part Five: Destiny

There are several breaks in this story where large periods of time, some spanning several years, are skipped over. Every time the story jumps ahead months or years I've started a new part. There are 62 years between the prologue and Part one, fourteen years between part one and part two, four years between part two and part three, a month between part three and part four, and there isn't really a break between part four and part five, but there is a transition in the story from building up to all hell breaking loose, and the epilogue chronicles hundreds of years after part five. I did this to help prevent confusion with the jumps over time. This way you've got an actual break to tell you that the story jumps ahead instead of trying to keep track of it yourself. Each part also ends with it's own small sort of climax, part one with Silmera setting out to find Mal, part two with Silmera finally reaching the Wizard, part three with Mal becoming a Samirreh, part four ends with Silmera getting captured, and part five ends with a big battle.

I did pretty well with these first two chapters in the third draft, there were only a few minor changes needed, mostly with wording that was a bit fumbled and difficult to understand. Part One needs the least amount of work out of the bunch, probably because it takes place so much earlier in the timeline than the rest of the story. There won't be many major changes in this draft, but there will be a lot of minor ones, and most of them later on.

I'll be going through this draft relatively quickly as there is no new material that needs to be written, and there are only minor edits needing to be done to fix all of the continuity issues that were created in the third draft. It's basically a read through where I make slight edits as i go along.

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