Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book recomendation

So I've been rereading a series I read way back in high school. Deathstalker by Simon R. Green. It's kinda hardcore extremely nerdy sci-fi, and the story itself is really kinda generic, but the characters are just so entertaining that it doesn't really matter. I kinda find myself not really caring what's going on, and only reading to see the reactions the characters have to whatever ridiculous, over the top situation the writer comes up with next. The dialog is often hilarious, and while it's not exactly the best written series ever, it does entertain for a couple days (the books are actually quite short). The first book is called Deathstalker, and to my knowledge there are 3 others: Deathstalker Rebellion, Deathstalker War and Deathstalker Honor, though that was way back in high school, so there may be more additions (though I don't know what would happen, it was pretty done) So if you're looking for something to read, give it a try. The characters themselves are really worth reading the whole series for, if the story is a little cheesy and generic. I just sit there and die laughing at how funny they are (and not unintentionally either)

The story is about a dude named Owen who is a rich lord living in the middle of nowhere where the intrigues of court can't reach him, and suddenly finds himself outlawed for some unknown reason, with hidden messages from his murdered father popping up in his computers to lead him on a quest toward rebellion against an insane empress, companions literally falling out of the sky on top of him, and everyone he's ever known or cared about, and just about everyone else in the universe for that matter, chasing after him to bring his head in for the considerable bounty on it, preferably without the rest of his body attached to it.


  1. Hey Eric - have you ever read Green's Nightside novels? The first book is pretty much drivel (he uses the phrase 'in the Nightside' so much you want to kick his ass) but after that the series gets rather fascinating. So if you can get past the first book, the series is quite a good read!

  2. I think there are actually four more now. Deathstalker Destiny, Deathstalker Legacy, Deathstalker Return, and Deathstalker Coda. I'm not sure if more have come out after that.