Sunday, April 5, 2020

Memories of What Never Was Draft I forget what number I'm up to

Okay, so, even though it's April, I'm still feeling burnt out from Christmas.  It was THAT BAD last year.  As a mail man, my job is considered to be an essential service, so I am still out working, while everyone else is working from home, or losing their jobs.  I am very grateful that I still have a job, don't get me wrong, but I could really use a month or so off to recover from Christmas. 

So, being so burnt out, it's really hard to find motivation to do much of anything, which is why I've taken so long to get back to work on Memories of What Never Was.  But I've been forcing myself to do it over the last few weeks and have finished another draft of it.  I forget what number I'm up to.  It's 7 or 8... or maybe 9.  Something else that had me dragging my feet was that this draft was a very tedious one to get through, because it's the one where I was fixing all of my sentence structure, to make sure I don't have too many sentences with the same structure in a row.  And doing that can be extremely mind-numbing. 

There were also a few character changes I wanted to make with Kriss.  This is a story about her overcoming her past, and learning to live with it.  And I felt that she didn't have enough agency in that, so I've done some big changes regarding her.  I also felt that her redemption at the end felt a little forced and anti-climactic, and needed both a more conscious decision on her part to move on and be better, and a little more of something to push her toward it.  This required rearranging a few of the events during the ending, and rewriting a few of her earlier introductory chapters, as well as an almost entirely rewritten climax.

Anyway, I have one draft left to do, which is basically just a read through to make sure everything jives correctly, and I didn't miss any big grammar mistakes, or create any new ones with my changes.  Once that's over with, I'll be done, and since that'll only take a week or two, I'll post the finished thing then, on my crappy little website, instead of the latest draft now.

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