Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spires of Infinity rewrite Draft 4 done

Yes, it has only been two days.  I'm on vacation this week.  So, yeah, I finished up the fourth draft of my Spires of Infinite rewrite.  If you feel the overwhelming urge, you can find it at the bottom of this page.  Blah blah blah manuscript format blah blah.

Mostly this draft was just a read through aloud to make sure all of hte wording feels natural.  I also made sure all of my capitalization, spelling, and hyphenation was uniform throughout the entire manuscript.  There were a few very minor edits I made when I ran across something that tongue tied me while I was reading it aloud, which is a clear sign to me that it needs a bit of work put into it to polish it off.  There were also some very minor dialog additions I made, and a few small details that I missed adding in on previous drafts.  I ended up adding about 400 words to this draft, still keeping in just under 100k total.  By this point I've probably read through this book about 15 times since I wrote the first draft back in November.  Sometimes it's easy to miss minor things like capitalization, spellings on words you made up, and other such stuff in the tedium of reading a book 15 times in 7 months.

One more draft should do it on this one, and then I start trying to sell it.  I have a bit of editing software that I usually use on my final drafts, but it does cost a $30 a month subscription fee to use it, so I'm going to get Memories of What never was all ironed out and ready for a final draft first so that I can cram running both of them through the software  into the same month and only have to pay for one month of use.  Which means I'm not going to finish off the final draft of this one for a couple months or so while I work on that.  At the moment, though,  it's pretty close to being finished.

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