Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Surgery, woooooo!!! Sarcasm, woooooo!!!

So I've been having really nasty sinu problems for quite a while now, and my doctor finally said, okay, nothing we've done has worked, let's do some sinus surgery and see if that will take care of it.  He then called me the next day and was like, well, as long as we have you knocked out on the operating table, we might as well take out your toncils while we're at it.  Hoo-freakin-ray.  And then he called me the day after that and said, well, you know, you also have that deviated septum and all, and since we're going to be up your nose anyway, we might as well fix that too.  So yesterday I had all three surgeries, and boy am I miserable.  If an axe murderer broke into my apartment right now and offered to cut my head off for me, I'd probably thank him for it.

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