Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And Chapter 28 too.

Did some more writing tonight after a bit of a break, and finished up Chapter 28 of Memories of What Never Was, and if you feel the great urge, you can find it here

This chapter can basically be summed up as "Meanwhile, here's what's happening in Kriss' head."  I've purposely not had a chapter from her point of view since Brand told her how to start dealing with her emotional issues, just because I want this chapter to illustrate how differently she's started to see the world, and because it makes the next chapter a bit more of a sucker punch, by having her first saying that life isn't so bad after all, in time, she can learn to deal with it, and them almost immediately get shown how wrong she is.  Is it a bit manipulative on my part?  Uh, yeah.  Of course it is.

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