Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Memories of What Never Was stuffs

So I fell about 5000 words short of the 50,000 for NaNo in November.  I was pretty busy that month... and in December... and in January...  Soooooo I'm just getting around to posting the rest of the stuff I wrote in November.

So yeah, for those of you unaware, from about Veteran's Day to the beginning of February is the Christmas rush at the post office.  We deliver about 50% of all the mail for the entire year in those two and a half months.  And it's absolutely horrific.  And on top of that, I had a kidney stone so large at the end of December, that I had to have surgery to remove it.  So I haven't exactly had a ton of free time until now.

Anyway, so, I'm posting first drafts of Memories of What Never Was Chapters 10-15.  I made a few changes to chapters 10-12, hence the reposting of them.  I've also got a few more chapters that I wrote during November that I'm not posting at the moment because they need some more work before they're actually readable.  That's the problem with writing 50,000 words in a month.  A lot of the stuff you write is kinda crap.

Anyway, we've got the destruction of Florentine and the aftermath of that in these chapters.  Some world building in chapter 15 where I explain a bit about how my spiffy new magic system works in what i think is a bit of an interesting way that shows a bit of the bigger picture of the world itself.  And Chapter 14 is about a character that is new to this version of this story, though he's based on a character that was briefly in the very very first draft of the version before the last version.  I needed a way to show the conflict between the Crusade and the Black Tower, and to do that I needed a new character outside of the core group of characters that I could use to do this with.  Plus there's a rather large scale battle that takes place at the end of this book, and I needed a character that was outside of the town that it's being fought around to give perspective.  Through him I have a bigger opportunity to show just exactly what the Desolation and the Dark Times did to the world and the people living in it, as he was an adult at the beginning of it, rather than a child growing up in the aftermath like the other viewpoint characters.  He'll also play a very large role in the next two books of the trilogy.

So, if you feel the great urge to check out these chapters you can find them at the bottom of this page.  And I'll get the rest of the chapters I wrote in November up ASAP, and then continue on to the end.  There's not too terribly much left, and now that work is FINALLY dying down a bit I hope I'll actually have the time to finish up the first draft in the next month or two.

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