Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memories of What Never Was - Chapter 2 - Draft 1

So I've finished the next chapter of Memories of What Never Was, Chapter 2, and you can read it if you are so inclined by clicking right here

This chapter is Brand's introduction.  This character has changed so many freaking times over the many different versions of this story that I can't even remember what he was originally intended to be.  Now he's an outcast, bitter at the world, but wanting to find a place in it, who constantly makes jokes and sarcastic comments about just about everything in order to make others laugh and put them at ease around him, being that he's something of a monster out of legend and all.  Something I wanted to do with him is have a sort of running commentary going on in his head, making fun of pretty much everything that crosses his path, and to have him have actual conversations with himself inside his head.  I think I did pretty well with that, and with giving him the right personality I was going for with his character.  He's kind of a comic relief character that also has his deep dark demons that he deals with, as you'll see near the end of the chapter.  This is a really long chapter because a lot of really important things needed to happen in it.  Brand had to be introduced, as well as his plight, his connection with Kriss needed to be hinted at, and some of the background of the world had to be filled in.  I hope I was able to do a better job of showing instead of telling as I kind of tend to do while setting up worlds.  I think I did, but I'm somewhat biased. 

And on I go to the next.  With the new prologue, Kriss' new introduction, and Brand's new introduction out of the way, things are going to be more closely following the first complete rewrite I did of this book for a while, meaning I'll hopefully be able to crank out a few more chapters with a bit more speed.

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