Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

So, I saw the new Star Trek movie the other night.  Wow.  It was awesome.  I really, really enjoyed the first one with this cast, and this one was even better.  It had a lot of great action, really awesome special effects, some pretty intense scenes, and some pretty good laughs.  There was a lot of fan bait for people who are older Star Trek fans, and a lot of stuff that newer fans or casual moviegoers can have a lot of fun with.  I'd say you probably don't even need to see the first movie to know what's going on and enjoy this one.  I won't give away the big reveal on who the villain is, because the filmmakers went to extraordinary effort to hide his identity, even to the point that he isn't even credited as his character's name so IMDB couldn't ruin the surprise beforehand.  But I will say that he is one of the more infamous Star Trek villains from the old series, and the new actor, like pretty much the entire new cast, plays him perfectly.  Writer/Director/Producer JJ Abrams really knows what he's doing, and has put together a great, fast-paced, and entertaining movie.  If you want to see a really fun movie, whether you're a Star Trek fan or not, check this one out.  It's one of the better movies I've seen this year.

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