Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello from Scotland and the largest gathering of MacDonald of Clanranald (my clan, bit of a mouthful, eh?) in history in celebration of 700 years of Scottish Independance...ish... since they sort of joined the UK and all.  If you know anything about Scottish history, or watched Braveheart, you'll know that the anniversary is actually next year, but my clan is throwing year long celebrations so we're getting an early start, because we're just that hardcore.

So, on the 17 hour long plane ride here I wrote a book review on The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan before my laptop battery died.  I also did some work using a notepad and pencil on outlining I Am Nobody, which I plan to enter myself in this year's NaNoWriMo with, as well as a bit of work on The Eternal Chain and on Starfire.  I'll probably do some more on the plane ride home tonight, and get around to posting some stuff on my website after I recover from jetlag and get it typed up.

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