Friday, September 3, 2010

And THAT is why you don't mess with sociopaths...

So, I had my first scheduled appointment with that therapist last week, and the second last night. During the first she basically admitted to me that she lied to my supervisor because she found me interesting and basically wanted a real case of Antisocial Behavorial Disorder of her very own to poke and prod at.

This week I came prepared. I had my minidic player in my pocket the whole time recording the entire session, in which I goaded her into repeating it. When I played it for my supervisor this morning I magically don't have to ever go back to mandated therapy sessions anymore, and I expect that miss jackass the happy pychiatrist is going to be under investigation for fraud pretty quick here.

This is exactly why you don't antagonize people who are both far smarter than you are, and couldn't care less about your wellbeing, (and frankly wish you would fall victim to a landshark attack, or some other equally stupid and or painful way to be torn limb from limb).

And in writing... this being a WRITING blog and all...

I've kinda slowed down a bit on the third draft of Exile. I'm about halfway through with it at the moment, and kinda had a bunch of stuff fall in my lap, it having recently been my birthday and all. I have The Way of Kings to read, the new Metroid and Ys games to play, and, you know, my day job too. I've also been doing a lot of brainstorming and stuff for other stories, mostly Splitplane Saga.

Though I am keeping the actual details of the storyline of Splitplan Saga to myself for fears of an actual, truly original idea being stolen, I do have a bit of an excerpt from the prologue, which i've already writting that doesn't give much away, but basically tells what the series as a whole is about, but at the same time, it tells absolutely nothing of what the series as a whole is about.

The Highplane above, and the Lowplane below, the Splitplane was broken into Shards and Echoes, forever drawn apart by the forces of the Shadow Abyss . . . until now. So begins the War of Echoes.

Beyond Shadows, beyond the Shards and Echoes, in the forever blackness of the Shadow Abyss, the Beast stirred, and reality itself trembled. Freedom and blood would soon be his, and the fires of his vengeance would spread across every Plane. The Beast smiled in the darkness. His father would pay and his mother would burn, their unholy union thrown across the Planes for all to see, and he, the Prince of the Abyss would take his rightful place amongst the higher beings. Soon. Soon. Soon.

I will say this much, there are two worlds, one called Shard, and the other called Echo, and they go to war with each other. This story will take into account many of the things that are plaguing our world today. Environmental disasters, depletion of resources, suicide bombings, hate crimes, religious persecution, and other such horrible things to make a bit of a statement about the state of Earth and her people as a whole, though I will not be so heavy handed with it as many, many other writers so often are. It will be primarily about telling a hugely awesome epic, just with a little bit of moral backbone to it that might make people take a look at the world around them and think.

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